Petty boobs: For small busted women By: Maria Veronica Capistrano

27 Sep

Boobs and women go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly…Says a guy in one of his article.
It is how you distinguished women from being man, how discriminating huh …other says “breasts scream sex. Men and women alike hanker after bigger than A cup breasts and it is obviously their focal point of sight.”
Yeah right! -_____- big are always better…
But I go for smaller is sexier,
What do say about that? I’m not against for those women who are gifted to have fuller breast, (though mine is just a so, so… so don’t bother asking hahaha  ) but it was just that I wanted to give confidence for those who have low esteem for not having the bump 
Here are some reasons why small chested women should be proud, confident and happy with their size:
1) You don’t look fat, –
It’s obvious, no need to elaborate, and there are people who would go into breast reduction rather to be proud of it, I guess it seemed that they’ve been carrying a bag water bag in front of them.
2) Your boobs won’t sag
Yeah, when you age and start to get loose skin, that’s when it sag… and it’s kind a weird and gooey for me I guess  but no discrimination involved  it was understandably happened when you aged .
3) You look classy 24/7 and not slutty 24/7
Just check out Kiera Knightley,andi found one photo of her with her mammary enhanced. Big boobs don’t quite suit her though.

Even with her small chest, men have voted her as the sexiest women in the world. She came in tops in 2006 FHM poll, beating Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson all whom have 2 cup size bigger.


This I agree! So much agree that I didn’t thought of this point at first. But, hey, your mosquito bite over there can look classy and more umpf and shimmer in in the glam light !

3) You can fit into any clothes easily (especially smaller sizes)

True! For I have some clothes since I’m in 1st year college and it still fits me hahaha

4) You won’t be ogled at 24/7 (less self- conscious)
As what I’ve
said a while ago, it is the men’s’ focal view in a women’s body, so you won’t be an obscene display though you want it to 

6) You have dainty nice bras instead of huge cups.

Isnt it cute ? you can have all the cutest print on your bra! And you won’t have bras like these…

Want  one?
Chic clothes hang better on boyish figures, plus you can get away with minimal support—or go braless—under halternecks or low backs.What do you say about that?

You ought to be satisfied with the way your body girl! As long as your boobs aren’t raisins or an airport runway 

So, are you already convinced and confident with being smaller is sexier huh? Aside for having confidence, you have to learn about the dimensions, distractions and the illusions that your outfit can make so that your boobs cannot be wrongly viewed and be an asset instead
So I offer you this …

BOOB tricks:

• One of the simplest is to have any detail around the bust area

like pockets, buttons, or patterns. Collars, bows and wide lapels ruching, horizontal stripes with bold color. are good too as they draw the eye upwards towards the face, away from the empty space!

• Pick curvy shapes that highlight and slim the waist. Your bust will look bigger in comparison.

• Stick to higher necklines that don’t expose a (possibly bony) chest.

• Avoid skin-tight fit or clingy fabric.

• ruffles and flounces are your friends—or any other eye-catching detail that spotlights your upper half like what is said to have any detail around the bust area

• Often, small -breasted woman have great arms, so get those sleeveless tops on and draw attention to those great little limbs.
• Or better yet… flaunt elsewhere! Get those sexy backs and shoulders on the work!
Also, even if you wear something that is bare at the top and bare at the bottom, you will hardly look trashy but and no choice but to be fabulously sexy!

• Wearing drapery dress/tops, is the most convincing of all because it is very flattery on your bust and It hardly shows any cleavage yet it hints of one.

So sexy! Yet the touch of classy!

• Another thing! The naturally flat-chested Keira Knightley has revealed how her normally tiny chest balloons needed 45 minutes in makeup to achieve her busty look in Pirates Of The Carribbean


Due to time constrains, Sorry for this short update!  Really wanted to put more but still spread the love ❤


2 Responses to “Petty boobs: For small busted women By: Maria Veronica Capistrano”

  1. Irma October 1, 2012 at 4:08 am #

    We stumbled over here from a different website and thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to checking out your web page again.

    • chichichic19 October 2, 2012 at 11:52 am #

      Sure thanks 🙂
      Hope you also read:
      -COLOR Flavors
      -WATer Really matters
      -Charm of matching skintone

      God Bless! ❤ Spread the love!

      Capistrano, Veronica

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